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Possible Solutions For The Cowboys And Tony Romo

After being the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for 10 years, Tony Romo his starting job in 2016 to rookie Dak Prescott. Now with Dak Prescott as the full time starter, is it time for the Cowboys to move on from Romo? (USA Today) Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

By: Nick Gonzalez & Jeremy Welch

In the last 365 days the Dallas Cowboys have seen the face of their franchise switch from Tony Romo to first year players Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Unfortunately the Cowboys were unable to complete the ultimate destiny and win the Super Bowl, and now a lot of questions linger this offseason. The biggest one: What do they do with Tony Romo?

Trade Him

Jeremy’s Thoughts: If the Cowboys somehow convince Jerry Jones to move on from Tony Romo, this is their best bet. Even with an injury riddled past and being 36 years of age, Tony Romo could still provide value to an NFL team out there. Multiple teams have reported interest in Tony Romo, and Romo could be the missing piece to a championship caliber roster. I wouldn’t be shocked if a team becomes desperate enough and is willing to give a first round pick for Tony Romo. We saw that this season with the Minnesota Vikings and Sam Bradford. With the large cap hit that the Cowboys would be able to unload, and the value of picks that the Cowboys could get back, this seems like the best option.

Nick’s Thoughts: This is probably the most plausible idea or situation of the two. The rumors of Romo possibly being traded have been surfacing and speculating since the Cowboys started off 4-1. With rumors of him being dealt to teams like Chicago, Denver, and Arizona, no one knows how much substance this actually has. What we do know is he would be worth a pretty penny on the open market.

Even at age 36, Romo is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL when healthy. With that said, it really depends on how much teams want to give up for a player with such a high injury rate. I think in Stephen and Jerry’s mind it would take a 2nd round pick at the least to get them to start talking, and possibly a 2nd and 4th for them to bite. In all honesty, I think to trade him is the best situation for the Cowboys as it clears up loads of cap and you get picks in return. If I am the GM, I shop him for a 3rd or 4th paired with a 6th or 7th for the next two seasons. So three picks plus in addition to all the cap the Cowboys would now have is a no-brainer.

Release/Cut Him:

Jeremy’s Thoughts: This seems like the worst option for the Dallas Cowboys in my opinion. Romo is about to enter year 4 of a six year $108 million contract. In 2017 Tony Romo will have the highest cap hit at $24.7 million. In 2018, Romo will be 2nd in the NFL only behind Ndamukong Suh. If the Cowboys were to move on from Tony Romo, they would free up his $14 million base salary, but absorb about $10 million in bonuses. Is it really worth it to cut one of the best QB’s in the NFL just to save a few million dollars? What gives the Dallas Cowboys the ability to keep Tony is Dak Prescott’s rookie contract. Being a 4th round rookie, Dak’s cap hit in 2017 is 635k, which ranks 58th in the NFL. That means the Cowboys would have a total cap hit of about $25 million between their starting and backup quarterbacks, which isn’t to far off from teams with elite QB’s. This isn’t fair to Tony Romo who could easily be a starter on multiple teams in the NFL, but if you want to move Romo, trade him, don’t release him.

Nick’s Thoughts: Tony Romo is set up to make $14 Million in the upcoming 2017 calendar year which will attribute to $24.7 of the Cowboys available cap space. He would clear about $5M if he was just straight up released. The second option which is to “Cut” him frees up more cap, but essentially it would be useless for the Cowboys in the short term. It would free up $14 Million in cap immediately, but in mid-June who do you expect to get with that? If they would go this route, i.e. Cut or Release, him I think releasing him the best option for these reasons. Get money immediately that can be used towards a Super Bowl run this upcoming season, and still pay him the money he rightfully earned.

Dak Prescott emerged as the Cowboys franchise quarterback and the team to their first 13-3 record since 2007. (USA Today.)
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Keep Him, but bench him.

Jeremy’s Thoughts: Many of my points on the last topic bleed over into this one. This isn’t the best option, but it certainly isn’t the worst. Like I stated before, keeping Romo would give you the best backup and insurance policy in the NFL. This would come at a hefty price of $25 million dollars, but getting rid of him doesn’t free up that much cap space. If the Cowboys do decide to keep Romo this is the best option to go about the QB situation.

Nick’s Thoughts: This option is rather stupid honestly. To keep a player that is gonna take up almost $25M and essentially not use him unless an emergency is stupid. I am not really gonna even go in depth with this because this is probably the worst possible options.

Keep Him And Start Him

Jeremy’s Thoughts: I’m sure there’s still a few Cowboys fans and NFL analysts who would love to see #9 return to the field as the starting QB for the Cowboys, but this simply won’t happen. Through Dak’s 3 to 4 game slump this season, the Cowboys stuck it out, and Prescott led Dallas to a 13-3 record and the #1 seed in the NFC. After coming back down 21-3 to Aaron Rodgers in your first playoff game, and losing by a last second field goal, I think Dak Prescott has solidified his spot as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for the coming years. Tony Romo may be the better overall quarterback, but Dak Prescott has gelled with this roster and created a bond that you can’t break up now.

Nick’s Thoughts: This is probably what all the film and real football nerds want that understand the complexity of the game rather than face value things like stats and Wins/Losses. Romo is 100% the better option to play and is the better player, but I think after this season and how long they let Dak “rock” , you cannot bench Prescott. Too many wins (contrary to what I said earlier) and too much behind him as far his ego essentially to bench him. He already has gotten playoff experience as well so that also isn't an answer. He also played damn well in it.

Trade Dak and Start Romo:

Jeremy’s Thoughts: I don’t understand how anyone can think of this as a good option so I’m not going to give it much thought. The Cowboys aren’t going to trade a QB that just went shot for shot with Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game, and led the team to a 13-3 record. End of story.

Nick’s Thoughts: This is stupid. Beyond stupid. I am not gonna even entertain this stupid idea brought on by Doug Gottlieb. This segment is over. 

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the biggest decisions in franchise history upcoming with the future of Tony Romo. Let us know your thoughts. Should the Dallas Cowboys keep Tony Romo, or is it time for Dallas to move in a different direction? Vote with your decision in the poll below and tweet me @Texashomeboy1. Also make sure to follow Nick on Twitter to never miss his great content. 

Five Recruits That Can Save the Texas 2017 Class

Walker Little is one of the top recruits in Texas, and could be the cornerstone of the Texas Longhorns 2017 recruiting class. (
Walker Little is one of the top recruits in Texas, and could be the cornerstone of the Texas Longhorns 2017 recruiting class. (

2016 has been a disappointing year for Texas football. After defeating at the time #10 ranked Notre Dame in a double overtime thriller that was given the headline "Texas Football is back," it all came crashing down for the Longhorns. The Longhorns finished the year going 4-7 the rest of the season to crawl to a 5-7 record and lost to Kansas for the first time since 1938. This led to the expected firing of Charlie Strong, and the hiring of former Houston head coach Tom Herman. Herman not only has a lot of work to do to win over a Texas team full of Charlie Strong recruits, but he also has a ton of work to do on the recruiting trail to fix the Longhorns 2017 class. The Longhorns 2017 class currently has only 8 commits, ranks 60th in the nation, and 7th in the big 12. Naturally Texas is going to land more commits and climb up the recruiting rankings, but there are 5 recruits that I feel Tom Herman and the Longhorns staff need to land to save this years class.

Eno Benjamin -

It has been quite the week for the 4 star prospect out of Wylie, Texas running back Eno Benjamin. After picking up a long awaited offer from the Longhorns last Thursday, Eno also took a trip down to Austin on Friday. Benjamin ranks as the 9th best running back and 24th best prospect in the state of Texas according to If the Longhorns were able to Eno Benjamin, he could see early playing time with D'Onta Foreman declaring for the NFL draft. Eno Benjamin finished his senior season with 367 rushes, 2,604 yards, and 32 touchdowns. Eno Benjamin released his top 6 on Thursday, which consists of Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, and Texas. According to 247, Texas is the overwhelming favorite to land Eno, with 71% of the crystal ball predictions. He is set to commit on January 7th at the Army All-American Bowl, and I fully expect for the Texas Longhorns to land Eno Benjamin.

Omar Manning -

Tom Herman and the Texas Longhorns have gained major ground on TCU commit Omar Manning. The 6'3 receiver out of Lancaster, Texas has been committed to the Horned Frogs since October 21st. Since Tom Herman has been hired as the Longhorns head coach, Texas has ramped up their recruitment of Omar. After taking a visit to Austin on Saturday, a flip to the Longhorns could be imminent. Omar Manning finished his senior season with 45 receptions, 742 yards and 8 touchdowns. Omar could see early playing time, as the Longhorns didn't have a receiver emerge as the #1 option last season. Tom Herman and the staff will have to continue to make Omar Manning a priority if they want the receiver to flip. The Texas commits have been doing their fair share.

K'Lavon Chaisson -

The weak side defensive end out of Houston might have the best name of any recruit in this year's class. K'Lavon Chaisson is the 11th ranked player in the state of Texas, as well as the 86th ranked player in the nation. He has offers from major schools such as Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan and Georgia. K'Lavon finished 2015 with 86 tackles and 21 sacks on the season for North Shore High School. K'Lavon Chaisson has been quiet for a while, but is ready to make a verbal commitment to a school soon. Texas is the favorite at 64% of the crystal ball predictions and has a very good chance to land the edge rusher. Chaisson would be a great addition, and add to the rotation of young pass rusher the Longhorns already have.  

Chevin Calloway -

The former Iowa Hawkeye commit has recently announced his top 3 of Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Texas. Chevin Calloway is a corner out of Bishop, Texas who is currently the #12 ranked corner in the nation. Since decomitting from Iowa, Arkansas has been the heavy favorite to land the 5'10 corner.  Chevin has an official visit lined up with the Razorbacks on January 20th, and is expected to fit in an official visit to Austin before that time. Tom Herman and the Longhorns staff have made up a lot of ground on Chevin, but still have a long way to go if they don't want the corner to end up at Arkansas. If the Longhorns are able to land Chevin Calloway, he would join fellow corner commits Kobe Boyce and Josh Thompson in what would become a very solid secondary class. The Longhorns secondary struggled last season and was constantly moving players around. If Tom Herman was able to Chevin Calloway, he would get the opportunity at early playing time, and bring some stability to the Longhorns secondary.

Walker Little -

Walker Little is the last shot the Longhorns at landing a 5 star prospect. The offensive tackle out of Bellaire, Texas is set to make his commitment on Friday, and has dwindled down his choice to Texas and Stanford. Stanford seemed to be the heavy favorite to land Walker Little, but Tom Herman and the Longhorns have made up a ton of ground. Walker Little hosted the Longhorns for an in home visit, that looked to have gone very well. It seems the Longhorns have made it a 50-50 decision for Walker, and being able to land the offensive tackle would be a huge get for Tom Herman. For what has been an incredibly weak class, Walker Little could be the big fish that the Texas Longhorns need to jumpstart this class.

This isn't going to be an amazing class that we've from the Longhorns in years past, but Tom Herman still has time to make it salvageable. Landing a top 10 class isn't a must for the Longhorns staff with all the young talent already on the team. If I had to guess I still see the Longhorns landing a top 25 class, and landing some of the names listed above will go a long way in achieving that goal. Will the Texas Longhorns be able to land any of these names? Let me know your thoughts by tweeting me @Texashomeboy1 and leaving a comment below. 



Can Tom Herman Bring Texas Football Back to the College Elite?

Tom Herman signed a 5 year deal to be the head coach of his "dream job," can he bring Texas football back to the top?

The 2016 season was quite the rollercoaster for Texas Longhorns fans. Knocking off Notre Dame in the opening game in a 50-47 double-overtime thriller, Texas was on top of the world. After dominating UTEP in a 41-7 victory, the Longhorns were 2-0 for the first time since 2012 and ranked #11 in the country. This was our year. Charlie Strong in his 3rd season was starting to look like he had turned the corner. Texas found it's next great QB in freshman Shane Buechele, the rushing attack was lead by a two headed monster in D'Onta Foreman and Chris Warren, and the defense looked as good as it has been in years. Then the bottom fell out on the Longhorns. The team would lose its next 3 games to Cal, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma. All very winnable games, the Longhorns just made stupid mistakes and lost to better coached teams. The Longhorns would win 3 of their next 4 including victories over Baylor and Texas Tech, and it had seemed that the season had been turned around. Texas was at 5-4 with West Virginia, Kansas, and TCU left, and there was a slim chance that Charlie could keep his job if he wins out the rest of the season and finishes 8-4.

After a heartbreaking loss to West Virginia, the Kansas Jayhawks put the final nail in the coffin of Charlie Strong's tenure at Texas. The Jayhawks defeated Texas for the first time since 1938. Yes, 1938. The last time Texas lost to Kansas, World War II was about to take place. There's no way you can come back from that. There's 3 things you're guaranteed as a Texas Longhorns fan, death, taxes, and beating the Kansas Jayhawks in football. After the loss to Kansas, numerous reports came out that the Longhorns had fired Charlie Strong. In the final game, the Longhorns were steamrolled by TCU 31-9. This was understandable, as the players had to play in wake of the news that their head coach and in many ways a father figure had been fired. With the loss the Longhorns finished the season 5-7, and as expected Texas fired Charlie Strong.

The coaching search was a very quick process for the Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns mourned a loss to TCU Friday night, and by Sunday morning had already found their next head coach. That man is former Houston head coach Tom Herman. Tom Herman was the hottest coach on the market and for good reason. In just two seasons, Herman turned Houston from a 2nd tier program to one of college football's elite. In those two seasons, Tom Herman posted a 22-4 record, and was able to land Ed Oliver in the 2016 recruiting class, the #2 ranked player in Texas, and #6 nationally ranked according to Ed Oliver was one of the nations best players in his freshman season this year, and became a symbolization of Tom Herman's tenure at Houston.  Tom Herman is now at his "dream job" on a 5 year contract that is very similar to what Charlie Strong received just 3 years ago. 

Tom Herman inhabits a very young and talented Texas Longhorns that is built to make a run at the Big 12 championship and double digit wins. No team in college football started more freshman and sophomores last season than the Texas Longhorns. The youth of this team is going to mask the 2017 recruiting class that currently ranks 60th in the nation, and probably isn't going to have as big of a national signing day as the Longhorns saw with the 2016 class. There is still hope for the 2018 recruiting class. The Longhorns are in the race and considered favorites for many of the top prospects in Texas like BJ Foster, Joshua and Jordan Moore, Keondre Coburn, and Max Wright (according to 247 sports.) 

I believe Tom Herman is the man that will bring Texas back to the top. He has inherited an amazing roster, and is a great recruiter that has built relationships with the Texas high school coaches. Tom Herman was the man that the boosters wanted and is built to be very successful. Let me know your thoughts on the Tom Herman hiring and the expectations for him at Texas by leaving a comment below and tweeting me @Texashomeboy1.